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HBIS ZX HIGH TECH Heat-Resistant Steel Forgings Used in the Manufacture of Engine Valves in High Precision Filed

On July 4th, the heat-resistant steel forgings customized by HBIS ZX HIGH TECH for a strategic customer were successfully rolled off the production line in the forging area of special Materials Research and Manufacturing Company. The products are mainly used in the manufacture of engine valves in Marine and other "high precision" fields.  

Heat resistant steel has excellent wear resistance, low permeability, good toughness and excellent ablative resistance at high temperature, and has broad market prospects. HBIS ZX HIGH TECH promotes technology upgrading in an all-round way, gives full play to its advantages in equipment, technology and talents, and aims at "advanced, sophisticated and advanced" fields. Its teams and HBIS Research Institute experts optimized and designed smelting - electric arc slag - forging procedures and guidelines to improve the capabilities and reliability of the products. In smelting, they strictly followed the smelting plan and regulate the key control points. To control the key element level, they thoroughly studied the temperature samples and improve their procedures to enhance the element absorbency. In forging, the production teams executed precisely to overcome the difficulties of narrow temperature variation, high deformation resistance and cracking. All forging qualities and dimensional readings met client requirements.