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HBIS DITH Assists to Construct the Tallest Building in Northern Germany

Recently, HBIS DITH Germany ATG (hereinafter as "DITH Germany ") has won the first qualification to supply the steel in a steel bidding for the construction of the 245-meter-high Elbtower project, which is the highest building in northern Germany. It will supply the first batch of materials for the foundation of the Elbtower and the required reinforcement materials for the first ten floors.

In accordance with the HBIS strategic requirements of positioning high-end products and high-end customers, DITH has deeply promoted the optimization of "two structures", continuously improved the high-end product structure, committed to developing high-end clients, given full play to the advantages of marketing network, meeting customer needs, and enhancing market competitiveness. DITH full plays the role as a leading independent supplier of rebars, continue to promote long bars and steel mesh for large construction projects and residential construction, and continue to expand the market in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Sweden. With the strong support of DITH in purchasing, financing and channels, DITH Germany has become an important part of DITH global marketing network and the main force of creating profit.

Designed by leading British architect David Chipperfield, the Elbtower is intended to be Hamburg's highest point and will be a portal landmark of Germany's Hafencity, and will be mirroring to the Elbe Concert Hall to the west.