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HBIS Developing World’s Leading High Purity V2O5 Association Standard

Led by HBIS CHENGDE VANADIUM TITANIUM, the High Purity V2O5 Association Standard was published by National Technical Committee on Pig Iron and FerroAlloy of Standardization. The new world leading standard gives clear requirements in high purity V2O5 production and promotes the industry to make clean and green products. It is of great significance to enhance international competitiveness of the company.

High purity V2O5 is the Champion product of CHENGDE VANADIUM TITANIUM, which is widely used in aerospace industry, nuclear power and new energy industry. CHENGDE VANADIUM TITANIUM deepened to optimize the "two structure ", continually aiming at special steel plate. For completing the category standards, it gives full play to the vanadium and titanium industry with technology and talent advantages, sets up a revision team for high purity vanadium pentoxide standard, and clear work plan and division of tasks, to led relevant units to finish standard preparation work. The team studied relevant standards, specifications of manufacturers and client’s technical requirement. With the existing production lines, the team studied, analyzed and demonstrate to design the work plan, technical road map, schedule and periodical achievements, and finally it has smoothly completed the standard draft and published the final version of the standard.