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The World’s First Hydrogen Metallurgy Technology Exchange Conference Held in Chongli, Hebei

September 2, the world’s first Hydrogen Metallurgy Technology Exchange Conference was held in Chongli, the beautiful city of Winter Olympics. Well known academicians, experts, industrial association and enterprise representatives attended the conference and discussed about the development of green & low carbon steel industry, guide and regulate the standardization of hydrogen metallurgy application in steel industry, and to carry out in-depth research on hydrogen energy and hydrogen metallurgy technology and the application of engineering projects, promote a better and faster development of hydrogen metallurgy technology in China and the world, provide a "Chinese plan" and make greater contributions to the low-carbon, green and high-quality development of the world steel industry and the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Yu Yong, President of the World Steel Development Research Institute, Director of Hydrogen Metallurgy Standards Joint Working Team, HBIS Group Chairman attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Gan Yong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhen Jinyang (video), Director of National Technical Committee on Steel Standardization Jiang Wei, Second-class Inspector in Department of Standard Technology Management Sun Xuliang, Director Standard Department Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Cui Shuang, Deputy Director of Steel Department of Raw Materials Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Shi Yijun, President of National Hydrogen Energy Standardization Technical Committee Ma Lincong, Deputy Director of China Institute of Metals Expert Committee Li Wenxiu, Deputy Secretary-General of CISA Huang Dao, President of Information Standard Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Zhang Longqiang, President of Resources and Environment Research Branch of China Institute of Standardization Lin Ling, Deputy Director-General & Chief Representative Beijing representative office of The World Steel Association Zhong Shaoliang attended the meeting.

Vice President of World Steel Development Research Institute and Vice President of HBIS Group Li Yiren also attended the conference. Secretary General of Hydrogen Metallurgy Standards Joint Working Team Chen Jian, and the Standing Deputy Secretary General Bao Wei hosted the conference respectively.

In speech, Yu Yong said that hydrogen had the potential to be the cleanest energy of 21st century and it was an important part of a country’s energy strategy. The establishment and the first conference of Hydrogen Metallurgy Standards Joint Working Team is an important step of the standardization of hydrogen metallurgy of China steel industry. It will lead the high quality of hydrogen metallurgy technologies and green development of steel industry and promote China steel industry to meet the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization in time.

Yu Yong said, HBIS had been steadily implementing the Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thoughts and had first released in the industry take the lead in the implementation of Low Carbon & Green Development Initiative, particularly chose hydrogen energy to pursue the revolutionary innovation and breakthrough of low carbon metallurgy technologies and lead the hydrogen applications in steel industry, providing the HBIS Plan for green and low carbon development of world steel industry.  

Yu Yong said hydrogen metallurgy was a frontier technology of steel industry and the standardization of hydrogen metallurgy could support and lead the further innovations. The conference could enable the community to reach new consensus to resolve key and core technologies. With this team, hydrogen metallurgy will get better and help the low carbon & green development of world steel industry and build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind, providing a Chinese Plan.

In the meeting, Yu Yong presented with the topic of Carbon Peaking & Neutralization and the Technological Support of Energy Industry and Safety Strategy and specifically presented the status and trend of hydrogen energy in China and the world, A New Era of hydrogen heavy load trucks, a new road map of chemical industry under Carbon Peaking & Neutralization, a new road map map of metallurgical industry under Carbon Peaking & Neutralization and Solid Stock of Hydrogen, merger of costal wind power and hydrogen energy, green hydrogen promoting Carbon Peaking & Neutralization, in total seven aspects.

Zheng Jinyang presented with the topic of Hydrogen Transportation Technologies and Equipment, specifically presented the study background, hydrogen storage equipment, transportation equipment, opportunities and challenges of hydrogen energy in the globe. Besides, experts from HBIS, National Hydrogen Energy Standardization Technology Committee, China Standardization Institute Resources and Environment Research Branch, Metallurgical Industry Informatization Standard Institute, the Worldsteel Association, BHP, the BMW, USTB, TJU, NEU, Shanxi Jinnan Steel, Baowu BY Steel, Zhongjin Taihang Mining, MCC Low Carbon Research Institute, Shanghai University made their speeches and shared their comments.

More than 200 representatives from domestic and foreign steel enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises of the steel industry chain, universities, research institutions, and experts, researchers and media journalists attended the meeting.