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China First High Thickness Aluminum Coated Steel Strips Replacing Foreign Products by HBIS

HBIS Tangsteel has delivered its first high thickness aluminum coated steel strips to its clients, with 300g/㎡ of aluminum on each side of steel strips. The aluminum coated strips will be used to pipeline outside parts protection from high temperature. With this new product, HBIS aluminum coated strip covers the whole spectrum of 40-300g/㎡ products.  

The high thickness aluminum coated strips have outstanding high temperature and corrosion resistant capabilities and are widely used to pipeline outside parts with high temperature resistant advantage. Due to the thickness requirement of aluminum coating, it might face many difficulties during this strip production since the surface quality must be high. Therefore, these kinds of production mainly rely on import one before.

Tangsteel has been improving its products and client structures by developing new technologies in different products and markets. With its more than 20 patent new products, Tangsteel is now making stable deliveries to Midea, DURR. In 2021, Tangsteel has become the first steel mill in China to receive the Certificates of Automobile Aluminum Coated Strips. In 2022, Tangsteel has focused on new industrial & new material demands and develops the high thickness aluminum coated steel strips. Studying clients’ demands to assign customized project teams involved R&D, production facilities to detect the key difficulties and solutions. Before production, the teams forecasted the flow pattern difficulties, confirms status of the production lines and other technical requirement. In production, they adjusted the running speed and temperature variations to keep all to meet requirements. The teams also carry out quality promotion studies, training and equipment optimization projects and assigns operators to monitor the all procedures to ensure the high-quality deliveries of products.