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Yu Yong Wins the Top Award of Chinese Enterprise Management 12th Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Award

September 16, 2022, in Chinese Entrepreneurs Day event and Chinese Entrepreneurs Annul Conference the 12th Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Award was given to 2021-2022 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs of China. The 10th CPPCC Vice Chairman, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association Director Wang Zhongyu made his speech and delivered the gold medals and certificates to winners. HBIS Group Chairman Yu Yong won the gold award and on behalf of the award-winning entrepreneurs to deliver a speech.


China Enterprise Confederation Executive Vice President and President of Council Zhu Hongren hosted the conference. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region CPC Committee member, Baotou CPC Chairman Ding Xiufeng made a speech. HBIS Vice President Li Yiren also attended the conference.  

Wang Zhongyu said since the 18th  CPC Congress, the CPC Central Committee led by Chairman Xi Jinping paid great attention to Entrepreneurs and the contributions of Entrepreneur Spirits had made to the nation. The entrepreneurs have firmly implemented the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, adhere to the new vision of development, and shoulder their responsibilities and missions in the new era. They are loyal to CPC and faith and bravely and actively, with strict management and innovation, they take their responsibilities of the times. They are coordinate the Covid-19 Pandemic control measures and economic development of the society. They enhance the technological innovation and pursue high quality development to build world first class enterprises. They actively take their society responsibilities and fight Covid-19 pandemics, implement precision poverty alleviation, common prosperity and emergency relief and make their contributions. The extraordinary entrepreneurs today and the winners of Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Award are representatives of those entrepreneurs. There more great entrepreneurs, we need learn from them.  

Wang Zhongyu said great changes not seen in a century in the world and extremely complicated international environment and tough domestic economic situations, we should promote entrepreneur spirits and give their enterprise more power and more room for development and make new contributions to the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of China. It is the hope and requirement of the era to entrepreneurs. We need to firmly establish the spirit of responsibility for the country, adhere to the path of innovative development, pay efforts to create a favorable environment for promoting entrepreneurship, and constantly self improvement.

Yu Yong made his remarks and said that Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Award was the most important award in Chinese enterprise management and Chinese entrepreneurs cherished it dearly. It does promote the entrepreneur spirits and improve management of Chinese enterprises. Since the great reform and open up policy, with the development of market economy, Chinese market has become the most open and active market in the world. It has give room to entrepreneurs for their development. We are seeing brave and creative entrepreneurs and they are making great contributions to Chinese economy, while they themselves, gain experiences and development. Chairman Xi Jinping pays great attention to entrepreneurs, and has given important instructions to growth of entrepreneurs many times, and has put forward ardent hopes, so that the entrepreneurial team is deeply encouraged. Together with the high quality development of Chinese society, China entrepreneur could be more matured, wide prospective, vision and become the backbone of Chinese and even the world economy.  

Yu Yong said entrepreneurs were icons of different countries and central force of economies. We should promote entrepreneur spirits in the new times and welcome the new era and take our social responsibilities. We should not forget Chairman Xi’s instructions and should disappoint our beloved Party. We are honored to participate in this great era of Chinese rejuvenation and we work for it, we strive for it.

China Enterprise Confederation CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Director Shi Xianghui announced the Decision of Promoting & Awarding the 12th Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Award and the Decisions of Promoting 2021-2022 Chinese Extraordinary Entrepreneurs.

“Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Award " is the highest award in the field of enterprise management in China and was established by Chinese Enterprise Management Science Foundation in 2005. The prize selects outstanding entrepreneurs who have made significance contributions in enterprise management innovation of entrepreneur every two years, according to the strict procedures and standard, aims to promote and encourage Chinese enterprises management innovative thoughts, entrepreneurs forge ahead, and further commend innovative management, models, concepts especially combining with Chinese culture, to wildly encourage entrepreneurs to actively devote themselves to the enterprise modernization with Chinese characteristics.