Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

Yu Yong Made a Speech in Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Forum

September 16, 2022, HBIS Group Chairman Yu Yong made a speech in Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Forum on the event Chinese Entrepreneurs Day and Chinese Entrepreneurs Annul Conference. In his speech, Yu Yong shared HBIS experiences in building a world class steel group and HBIS management concepts from the view of building a word enterprise.  

China Enterprise Confederation Executive Vice President and Director Zhu Hongren also made a speech in the forum, China Enterprise Confederation Executive Deputy Director Shi Xianghui hosted the forum.

Yu Yong recalled the growth of HBIS and share his own experience and cognition in the management of the company. He said grouplization helps HBIS gained a brand new historic position, thick vision, bright future and gave HBIS Group a better and higher platform. With the group incorporation, HBIS became a giant conglomerate in steel industry, with tremendous a supply chain and client resources, which let HBIS have a new start and new historical positioning.  

HBIS has also deeply realized that as one of the largest steel material manufacturers and comprehensive service providers in China, we must match our positioning in terms of ours products, technology, internationalization and resource allocation. HBIS opened our eyes and release the resource geographic advantages by maximizing its market sales, to promot HBIS brands strongly.

Yu Yong said HBIS had been always pursuing high end clients and the first class demands to push for a better product structure. All contributed to a historic breakthrough in product structure and client structure. Clients decide how far an enterprise could go and HBIS has been investing heavily in markets and new products. HBIS has been working with strong partners and jointly launched high level R&D centers to develop new technologies, products and services to inject them to downstream chains. Along this route, historically, HBIS has delivered our products to first class brands and clients, including BMW, Haier, and Hisense. HBIS is now the No.1 household appliance steel supplier, the second largest automobile steel supplier and a leading manufacturer of ocean engineering steel, nuclear power steel, construction steel and bridge steel in China. HBIS has entered the first tire of China's steel industry in the product side.

Yu Yong has become the chairman of World Steel Association twice in a row, he shared his experience and gains of HBIS international developments. He said, in peace time, the image and power of a country was presented by its economic might. His successful election in twice, relies on the huge influence of Chinese steel industry. China is the world’s largest steel maker and HBIS as a major SOE of China, HBIS is able to to show the Chinese manufacturing capabilities, show Chinese capabilities and make its contributions to world steel industry, for the development of the world iron and steel industry branded with "China's mark".

HBIS, is dedicated to the orientation of world Resources, world markets and world clients by building a globalized chain, has established “four steel companies, two mines and one platform”overseas layout. Among them, HBIS successfully acquired the Smederevo steel plant in Serbia and turned it into a model project for China and Central and Eastern Europe in international production capacity cooperation and the Belt and   Road Initiative, which has built a bridge of friendship between China and Serbia. HBIS Serbia Management Team was honored with the honorable title of Model of Times by Publicity Department of CPC. HBIS also acquired South Africa's largest copper products supplier PMC to establish a global steel raw material supply platform. By controlling Swiss Duferco, HBIS owns the world’s largest steel trader. Currently, HBIS becomes the most internationalized steel manufacturer in China six years in a row.  

Yu Yong said that going overseas was an integral need of HBIS group and by learning from partners in other countries, HBIS owned the international strategies. To any enterprise, the most important is its vision and its abilities to study. It should learn advanced concepts and experiences from others and develop them to its own wealth. In its endeavors, HBIS has learned from the international layout of many advanced western steel enterprises on the customer, service, and technology.   

In Duferco M&A Project, HBIS came to understand the importance of channels. In another case, HBIS acquired Haier Special Steel and become Haier supplier to provide steel products and designs, to successfully construct the cooperation mode between upstream and downstream. In addition, during the process of international development, HBIS also has a deeper understanding of high-end products development driven by cost, which strengthens the recognition that the real core competitiveness of the enterprise lies in premium technology and innovation, and makes HBIS further promotes the technological upgrading to enhance the core competitiveness  and achieve high-quality development. Along with the continuous deepening of the supply-side structural reform, China's economic structural adjustment has changed from incremental expansion to inventory optimization and it is not work to only rely on the market increment for enterprise development. Technology and innovation will offer an enterprise new competitive edges in markets.