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Two HBIS Projects Enter Worldsteel 13th Steelie Next Round

October 10, The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has announced the shortlist for the 13th Steelie Awards. HBIS’s Promote the Carbon Emission Reduction of Whole Value Chain of Hydrogen-based DRI by LCA Project and High Skilled Talents Training Centre Project entered the shortlist of Excellence Award in Life Cycle Assessment and Excellence Award in Education & Training respectively.

Using LCA to promote the carbon emission reduction in the whole value chain of hydrogen-based DRI projects are major steps of exploration of HBIS in its low carbon plans and carbon valuation implementations. Based on whole life cycle calculations, HBIS establishes its LCA valuation mechanism to valuate and optimize its hydrogen based DRI Arc oven steel making procedures. The mechanism also integrates carbon footprint calculation model and management system into its automobile steel production chain to study the low carbon potential in its automobile steel chain. Together with new steel making technologies and their low carbon model and potentials, to help to build a low carbon automobile steel production system.

Based on low carbon LCA R&D achievement, HBIS thoroughly studies the demands of carbon reduction of downstream automobile clients and builds a Carbon link with automobile industry, then bonding low carbon supply chain with them.    

High Skilled Talents Training Centre is a key effort of HBIS to optimize and upgrade its industrial structure to promote talents growth. The project includes skill improving bases and 5 innovation workshops and 3 master’s workshops. The project facilities are providing training programs and skill competitions for all employees. With its attractions to talents and advanced equipment, the projects are giving trainees the abilities to meet national standards of highly skilled technicians to promote HBIS employee training programs, their sustainability and standardization.

The Steelie Awards recognise member companies for their contribution to the steel industry over a one-year period in a series of categories impacting the industry. The Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) award is given to marketing sales, supervision, project application and R&D of new products in their life cycles. Excellence in education and training Award is dedicated to leading worldsteel edition and training programs that lead and promote skills of their technicians of member companies of steel industry.