Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Developed World Leading Technologies and Products

Including Dual Sampling Composite Probe and Super High Strength PC Strand, HBIS has successfully developed new products that first in China showing its capabilities of innovation.  

In steel making, HBIS adopted the dual sampling composite probe technology first in China and the world leading Temperature and Oxygen testing probe. The dual sampling probe is taking two samples each time to avoid the problems of inefficient sampling and its consequences. It could improve the success rate and improve the steel making efficiency. In production, it could replace TSO probe, while reducing 1/3 of costs of probes. The Oxygen probe breaks the market dominance of foreign suppliers. The teams solved the incompatible difficulties and developed full Chinese interface, also first in Chinese high end low Oxygen probe market. Oxygen, temperature and sampling success rate all reached 96%. With very high accuracy and reproducibility, the new probe could meet the oxygen testing demands in steel making procedure and beat foreign probes.

HBIS also developed Ф15.2mm and 2160MPa Super High Strength PC Strand by adopting Ф14mm material and latest 9 channel pulling technologies, also, first in Chinese steel industry. Compare to 1890MPa common PC strands, the new product owns even wider applications cope with even more strict requirement. They new steel could be used in key projects, including railway, road and bridge projects.   

In the area of industry standard setting, HBIS has lead to draft YB/T 4174.3-2022 Silica Calcium Alloy, Calcium Testing and Electrometric Titration, that will be applied on April 1st, 2023. It is also a new standard in Chinese steel industry, could probe the specification of calcium swiftly and acutely. It could give acute calcium readings in high end Silica Calcium Alloy materials and solve the difficulties of detecting the different valences of calcium element in Silica Calcium alloys.