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First in China, HBIS Wusteel Led HIC Plate Industry Standard and Published

October 20, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released 2022 No.23 Notification, which published National HIC Plate Standard, which was lead by HBIS Wusteel. First in China, the new standard gives way to the mass production of HIC plates, from technology development, product design to equipment manufacturing, from products to sales.  

Together with China Metallurgical Information and Standardization Institute partners, HBIS Wusteel led the process and the teams studied the current status of HIC plates, both domestic steel industry and abroad. They collected the relevant standardization information and references to launch their own analysis, queries, subsequent experiments, summary and conclusions, all contributing to and final compile National HIC Plate Standard. They received public comments and made catalogues, inductions, regulates and analysis. In November 2021, HBIS Wusteel handed the draft for review and the standard has passed the examination and approval by The National Steel Standardization Technology Committee Plate & Strap Committee, and is finally issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The new standard could meet the domestic demands to HIC plates, giving clear regulations to chemical specifications, mechanical capabilities, surface quality & product delivery, experiments and testing. The regulation and guidance to the market will effectively promote the market of the new plates in the country.