Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Subsidiary Becomes One of Leading Digitized Companies of China

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published the first leading companies of 2022 New Generation of Information Technology & Manufacturing Mix Development Applications Pilots. The project of Digitized & Green Short Process Special Steel Enterprise from HBIS Shisteel becomes one of pilot projects in the event. 30 enterprises entered the list and HBIS Shisteel ranked NO.1 within three steel mill candidates.

In recent years, HBIS has vigorously implemented the deep integration of new generation information technology and steel process, operation technology, operation management, products and services, given full play to the role of HBIS Digital Industrial Internet platform, continued to develop and expand the intelligent manufacturing matrix, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of "steel to material, manufacturing to service" and high-quality development. Focusing on the work deployment of HBIS to accelerate the digital transformation, HBIS Shisteel continues to make efforts to take the lead in the intelligent development of the steel industry, and gradually realizes the development of short process digital transformation.

The informationization construction of HBIS Shisteel New Area relies on the industrial internet platform of HBIS Digital, with the support of the business center and the data center, comprehensively focuses on the practical application of the production scene, builds the "intelligent brain" through the construction of the integrated digital intelligence system, actively explores the new path of process reform in the domestic steel industry, and aims at the "three phases and two highs" (three phases are Green, Intelligent, Safe, two highs are high quality and high efficiency). The implementation of the whole process of digital, intelligent management, become the domestic steel industry digital transformation benchmark.

It is reported that in this pilot demonstration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the first time to set up the "digital pilot" enterprise direction, for keep a close watch on the World Economic Forum "beacon factory", to build China's digital benchmarking enterprise.