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HBIS Special High Strength Abrasion-Resistant Product Enhancing the Domestication of Key Part of Agricultural Machinery

YTO Group, HBIS key strategic client, has informed HBIS Material Institute that HBIS independently developed abrasion-resistant ploughshare steel were well intact completing 3million square meters after field work. The capability and service life of the new steel material is leading in China and able to replace foreign materials to improve the domestication of the abrasion-resistant steel materials for agricultural machinery.    

For a long time, domestic agricultural machinery high strength and toughness wear-resisting parts steel as the representative of ploughshare has been occupied by Germany LEMKEN and other imported products. Chinese agriculture machine industry has been developing own high strength and abrasion-resistant materials.  

HBIS Material Institute has optimized its product structure and client structure by focusing on the agricultural equipment market, we deeply meet the needs of key strategic customers, give full play to our technical advantages, and carry out a series of systematic researches in the fields of high strength steel and its lightweight application, and key wear-resistant materials research and development. In view of the market demand of YTO Group to develop key wear-resistant parts for hydraulic overturning plough steel, HBIS Material Institute has set the direction of product research and development, analyzed materials, continuously studied the factors affecting product performance, and gradually solved a series of technical difficulties such as material selection, forming, heat treatment and coating preparation of key wear-resistant materials for agricultural machinery. Final the test results and the steel capabilities & service life both arrived LEMKEN level, being No.1 of China.