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Collaborative Innovation Platform

Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel-Northeastern University Gather global innovation elements and plays an important role in upgrading steel industry.

Unveiling of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel-Northeastern University

Establishment of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel—Northeastern University It is an strategic cooperation focusing on building a world-class iron and steel industrial technology R& D platform, marking a major breakthrough in group's global technology R& D platform.

The founding Conference of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel-Northeastern University”was held in Northeastern University on July 6th, 2016. It is China’s first steel R& D platform co-operated by school and enterprise, and jointly established by Hesteel and Northeastern University. Yu Yong, chairman of Hesteel and director of Research Institute, and Sun Jiawei, party committee of Northeastern University, unveiled the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel¬¬¬-Northeastern University. As an important part of Hesteel ‘s “Global technological R&D Platform”,

The research institute is aimed at giving full play to Hesteel industry capital advantages and Northeastern University technological resources, and achieving efficient integration of global steel technology R&D platform to gather global technology innovation elements and speed up the upgrading of iron and steel industry.

Wang Guodong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was appointed the dean of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Hesteel-Northeastern University.

Taking “pragmatic, future-oriented, open cooperative, development sharing” as tenet, the research institute is committed to become the world's most competitive and influential steel technology R&D platform, school-enterprise cooperation model of scientific results industrialization, and cultivation base for high-end technical talent.

The main tasks of research institute are: gathering high-end technological talents, solving key problem of restricting the steel industry upgrading in Hesteel with the project demand as the driving force, achieving major breakthrough in key technologies and leading the industry's technological innovation with the national and industry major needs as the focus. The main directions include mining technology, pre- iron technology, steel making technology, steel rolling technology, product application technology, new materials, intelligent monitoring and intelligent manufacturing technology, platform construction and personnel training innovation.

Setting up “Hesteel Golden Tripod Award” to reward excellent teachers and researchers who have made outstanding contributions in national and industry major scientific and technological research and high-tech achievement industrialization. It is held every two years with 1 million RMB reward.