Tietie IoT-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

Tietie IoT

Tietie IoT Technology Co., Ltd focuses on building a one-stop MRO industrial product purchase service platform -Tietie Industrial Product Mall, which is an e-commerce platform integrating purchase, transaction, online settlement and financial value-added services in the field of industrial products. In accordance with the alliance development idea, Tietie IoT deeply cooperates with domestic and foreign well-known brand suppliers and e-commerce platforms, integrates high-quality resources in the industry, and gathers a large number of high-quality industrial products. With unified procurement, display, transaction, logistics distribution and after-sales service, offering data analysis, quality assurance, technical support, industrial finance and other characteristic services, Tietie IoT is helpful for customers in reducing procurement costs, improving procurement efficiency, and realizing value reconstruction.